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Save On Islands Business SolutionsVirgin Islands This Week Rewards is a one stop shop offering a wide variety of services to fit your business needs.  We work with some of the best professionals in the industry.

Smartphone-1 Custom Loyalty Rewards Program/Mobile Solutions

We bring the power of Text Marketing to small and big business alike! We’ll help you build your own customer list and market to them in the most effective ways possible. With new advances in technology, Mobile Marketing is now easy and affordable for businesses of all sizes. No other form of advertising gets a greater return on investment than Text Marketing!

social-media Social Media Management

Does your company have  social media presence? Social media is an easy way to learn about your audience, Social media helps target audiences more effectively, Social media helps find new customers and expand your audience, Social media allows you to receive instant feedback from your customers’ perspective, and lastly  Social media lets you increase brand awareness and reach with little to no budget. Let us help you manage your online social media presence!

web-design-development Websites/Website Management

We build and management website.

office-supplies ALL Office Supplies

Let bring the supplies to YOU! Save gas and time by clicking on this link and ordering ALL of your office supplies.

security-systems Security Systems

(Commercial/Residential/Industrial)- Let us set up your smart security systemsBurglar Alarms Fire Alarms CCTV Camera, IP/Network Cameras Automatic Gate Access Control, Smart Automated Systems Telephone/Data Networking Intercom  Systems, Nurse Call Systems, 24 Hours Monitoring Service.

video-production Video Production

Let create your unique video capturing images and creating a combination and reductions of parts in live production and post production. Our team of experts service ALL productions such as television Production, television commercials, corporate videos, event videos, wedding videos, home videos & more!

IT-services Computer Repair(Hardware & Software- IT Services)

Our qualified computer repair technicians use tools and technology to maintain computers at optimal operating levels, and make repairs to computers, processors, hard drives, and monitors. They diagnose issues, make recommendations for repair or replacement to customers and test any new parts that are installed.

courier-services Courier Services

(Business or Home) Deliver messages, mail, pick up and drop off laundry. 20% discount.

employee-customer-service-training Employee/Staff/Customer Service Training

Getting the most out of your employee with our training. Have one of our experts come.

tshirt Uniforms/T-Shirts

Get your T-Shirts and uniforms done with us! Embroidery, Polo, Button downs and more!

credit-card Payment Merchant Solutions/Credit Card Processing

Our Merchant Solutions will help you stay ahead in the game. Dynamics Payments offers credit and debit card processing and a wide array of payment options to make sure our clients stay ahead of the competition.

architecture Architecture

Do you have an idea of what you want your dream home to look like? Call us today to get more information on your design plans.

property-management Property Management

Serves all of your property management needs, both commercial & residential. Plant design, landscaping, staging’s for real estate showings, etc.

home-building Home Building

Home Building/Commercial & Residential Projects/Excavation Projects/Waste Management/Portable/Cisterns/Renovations/Portable Rentals

home-building Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our search engine optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing services will get you found in
Google’s organic search results – first!
Like most business owners, you may have designed a website and then neglected it because
you have a million other priorities or perhaps even lack the skills to update the content. As a
result, you can’t be found on page 1 in a Google Search and your website traffic is minimal.

home-building Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Generate leads and build your brand by advertising to local consumers as they use a variety of
search engines to get educated about a product or service you offer. Our service will put your
text ads on top of search engine results, helping more consumers find your business when
they’re ready to buy.

home-building Targeted Digital Advertising

Promoting your brand online is just as important as promoting it offline. Our targeted digital
advertising services help you build awareness for your products and/or services. 100% of the
ads will be served to your most qualified potential customers, based on their geographic
location, search history, household income, purchase intent, and behavioral interests. That
means no wasted advertising dollars!

home-building Pandora Radio Advertising

Pandora connects bands, brands and fans through the passion point of music. The most
advanced audience targeting available in the personalized listening experience market, reaching
80 million listeners per month at work, at home, at play and on-the-go.

home-building YouTube Advertising

Pandora connects bands, brands and fans through the passion point of music. The most
advanced audience targeting available in the personalized listening experience market, reaching
80 million listeners per month at work, at home, at play and on-the-go.

home-building Database Marketing

American Express published a study in 2012 during the launch of the Small Business Saturday
campaign that said about 80% of annual sales for small and medium size businesses can be
attributed to roughly 20% of their customer base. Don’t you think it is worthwhile to stay in touch
with that 20%?

home-building Brand Identity

A brand is a well thought out promise. It’s a strategic combination of a logo, words, typefaces,
colors, personality, customer service, value, price, aesthetics, voice, and attitude – all working
together to convey the essence of what your company, product, or service stands for. Your
identity is your brand– and it must be consistent in everything you do.

home-building Mobile App Development

The key is to focus on solving a real problem. Mobile applications that can solve problems by
completing tasks quicker, user resources more efficiently, reduce waste, and present a more
professional image will pay for themselves many times over.
We begin our process in building a business plan for your mobile application idea. We’ll create
an outline of what the app should do, how it will solve a problem, and how you can get a return
of and on your investment within a reasonable amount of time. Give us a call and let’s discuss
your big idea!

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