Partner With Us

Why Should You Partner With Us?

– White label savings platform tailored to your brand

-Bring more value to your current platform and audience

-Extend savings in different locations/Caribbean

-50% commission from anyone who signs up on your white label membership site

-You will be getting in at the very start, from the ground up! This is just the beginning!

-Access to see membership signups for management

-Full data from anyone who sign up on your white label membership site

-Control of subscription package cost (Within SOI Guidelines)

We have some basic requirements when it comes to who we partner with:

1. Potential partner MUST add 10 businesses in your area (Island) on the savings membership platform

-MUST be a licensed business

-MUST be a business that’s not currently on the platform

2. You MUST have over 5,000 visitors per month of traffic on your website per month

3. Code of Ethics


As a partner, you will receive 50% Commissions and Residuals for everyone who sign up to become a member and from other features such as Business Shop Keep and Featured Business.

• You have 5 revenue streams coming from your partnership website

Locals -50%

Visitor -50%

Cruise Ship -50%

Business Shop Keep -50%

Featured Business -50%

We will be adding more revenue streams as time go on!

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