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Our Story

Our Story

Started by a local Virgin Islander, Save On Islands is a Full Service Mobile Marketing company located in St. Thomas Virgin Islands. We specialize in giving businesses a direct way to communicate with their customers through our customize rewards mobile solutions that can integrate with any business marketing strategy. With this being said we wanted to take it a step further by creating a closer bond between the local community and local businesses/entrepreneurs which led us to creating a membership savings website!

Save Money, Save Time, Save The Hassle! We wanted to create a platform of great savings not just for certain groups but open it up to the local community and people visiting our beautiful islands. Our goal is to not only focus on helping people save money but also helping with the retention in local businesses. What if your 10% deal led that person into your business that day? What if your dollar off helped that person to get a meal that day because they only had a certain amount on them? We believe in good karma, what you give is what you get back and more!

This is a cost effective platform that would bring local businesses and customers together with the many savings options and diverse selection of goods and deals offered at local businesses on island.

How does it work?
The customer will sign up on whatever subscription package they choose. When they go to the business they will prove that they are a Save On Islands member by showing their membership pass on their phone or printed pass and picture ID, after the membership pass is presented, the member will get the offer that’s on the site for that particular business when purchase is made. We also add new businesses every month. Currently, we have over 50 businesses and growing!

“Save Time, Save Money, Save The Hassle!” Your loyalty Is Rewarded!