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Arc Vodka

Arc Vodka

About the business: A Virgin Islands Craft Vodka Distillery based in Charlotte Amalie, USVI.
So come, join us, and savor the taste of the VI and Caribbean with every sip!
At Arc Vodka, we take pride in being the Virgin Islands first Vodka Distillery & providing our customers with a premium spirit handcrafted with the finest ingredients. Arc Vodka has a smooth & crisp flavor with no chemicals, dyes, or additives, and none of the nasty, harsh aftertaste common with other spirits in the market.

Indeed, only the freshest organically grown fruits, herbs, & spices sourced exclusively throughout the Caribbean are used to create the flavors you love. Which is why we carry the name, ‘ARC’, to honor the Caribbean Archipelago we islanders hail from. The place we proudly call our home.

So come, join us on our journey, and savor the taste of the Caribbean and Virgin Islands with every sip!
Our Mission is to provide a premium, locally distilled, vodka for all to enjoy. We take pride in using locally grown ingredients and those sourced throughout the Caribbean to impart a taste found nowhere else. Farm to bottle is our motto, Vodka is our passion!

Currently we have the following flavors distilled for your enjoyment:
-Local VI Lemongrass Vodka
-Caribbean Ginger Vodka
-Dominica Cinnamon Vodka
-Local VI Basil Vodka
-Local VI Mint Vodka
-Caribbean Grapefruit Vodka
-Local VI Bay Leaf Vodka

Address: #2 Store Tvaer Gade, 00804 Charlottle Amalie, St. Thomas, VI
Phone: 646573430

Local Offer: 10% Off Your Order
Corporate Offer: 10% Off Your Order
Cruise Ship & Visitors Offer: 10% Off Your Order