About Saveonislandssavings.comVirgin Islands This Week Rewards

Saveonislandssavings.comVirgin Islands This Week Rewards is designed to bring MORE brand awareness and visibility to local entrepreneurs. We created a cost effective platform for locals and visitors with the constant savings options from many local businesses on island. For a small monthly fee, anyone can take advantage of the savings from local entrepreneurs EVERY TIME YOU SHOP!

For Businesses

Now you have a platform to get new and increase existing traffic! Entice locals and visitors to your website or storefront with your saving options. We make it incredibly easy for EVERYONE to participate! All you have to do is add your business to Saveonislandssavings.comVirgin Islands This Week Rewards with an EXCLUSIVE offer.

“The more you give, the more you get back!” Virgin Islands This Week Rewards

Why Join Saveonislandssavings.comVirgin Islands This Week Rewards?

Why not?!?  When was the lasted time your favorite boutique or restaurant gave back to YOU?

Why wait? Now you can get rewarded every single time you spend money at your favorite store, restaurant, or at your best service provider EVERY SINGLE TIME! For a small investment of ONLY $7.99 per month, you can take advantage of ALL the discounts provided by the businesses Save On Islands Savings!

How Does It Work?

Simple! First you choose a subscription, fill out short form, select payment and START SHOPPING AND SAVING that’s it! NO, CARDS, NO LONG FORMS, NO DOWNLOADS!

How To Get Your Membership Pass – THIS IS A DIGITAL PASS THAT WILL BE STORED IN YOUR PHONE- You can also have print your membership pass
Two SIMPLE steps!
1. Login in to your account with your USERNAME and PASSWORD
2. At the top you will see a button that saids SCREENSHOT hit that button

The screenshot will capture all of your details you will need to show the business (First & Last Name, Package Type, Start and End Date) YOUR SCREENSHOT WILL BE LOCATED IN YOUR PHOTO GALLERY OF YOUR PHONE (Download area) so every time you go in a business just show that screenshot along with your ID. SEE EXAMPLE OF SCREENSHOT BELOW.
**LOCALS – You will have to take a screenshot once every month**